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You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.
Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder

Recent Stories

From our mentors: Vulnerability as opportunity to thrive, Adam Táborský

It is important to realize that the productive population is not currently losing anything. In inertial chaos, we can find our place of peace. With a justified but somewhat chaotic fuss, we forgot to pay attention to groups that are endangered under normal conditions. It might be beneficial for us to climb the mountain of coronavirus and take a good look around, see the whole situation from a higher perspective and realize that there are people who are currently suffering even more and we can help to improve their situation.

Startup Stack: Mind Health Tools

It is very important to think about our mental health. Our head and brain need time to rest properly. That's why we've listed some tweaks to help you. Are you looking for meditation music, rain sounds or perhaps a tweak to eliminate blue light? Check out the tips below.

My startup story: Chadi El-Moussawi, CEO & Co-Founder

How does it feel to be at the very beginning your idea? We asked Chadi El-Moussawi, CEO at, a few questions about his startup journey.

Startup Stack: Complete Your Tasks

We all know how to-do lists can help us. Do you want to create clear to-do lists and record your ideas? Stay organized. Stay creative. Stay focused. Download one of the following apps and be even more productive in your professional and personal life!

Leaders Uncovered: Jiří Diblík, Qusion

The second event from the series Leaders Uncovered happened last week, this time with the passionate traveler Jiří Diblík from Qusion. Jirka shared his story as a young leader along with the life lessons he holds dear. He also described his new project, which helps people to become more productive and take care of their mental health.

Startup Stack: Focus Tools

Need to focus more? Here are our top picks on how to better manage your concentration. Anything from music that perfectly tunes you in to focus mode or apps that makes it easier for you to stop procrastinating.

Leaders Uncovered: Kateřina Vacková, Loono

Last week, we introduced to you new event series Leaders Uncovered, where we discover the personal stories of Czech business leaders. The first host was Kateřina Vacková, the founder of the non-profit organization Loono. We talked about her early days as an entrepreneur, about her personal and work life, and how did her personal challenges direct her on her path into the leader Katka is today.

My Startup Story: Stanislav Richter, signageOS

What does it feel like to build a company from the ground up? We asked Stan Richter, CEO at signageOS. Stan told us a little bit more about himself and shared the story of signageOS, startup that recently raised 2 million dollars in their seed round.

5 Minutes with VC Investor: Eduard Mika, Reflex Capital SE

In our next Investor interview, we spoke to Eduard Mika, Partner at Reflex Capital SE. Eduard shared with us the history of Reflex Capital CE, his insights about the investment process, and what are the key qualities they look for in their founders.

5 minutes with VC Investor: Martin BodockĂ˝, Co-Founder & Partner, Nation 1 VC

Meet Martin BodockĂ˝, Co-Founder & Partner at Nation 1 VC. Martin shared with us his insights on the state of the VC world, Czech startup scene and tips on which skills should the Founder or CEO embrace during these times.

From Silicon Valley: Jensen Weitzel

In our next From Silicon Valley interview, we talked to Jensen Wizel, the Managing Partner at Yabusame Partners. We spoke about the skills or characteristics that are most important for founders and Jensen shared his recommendations to Czech startup Founders.

Before We Shine Again: Words we're sending to our startup friends

We collected a couple words of encouragement from our startup community. Enjoy!

5 minutes with VC Investor: Andrej Kiska, General Partner, Credo Ventures

What’s going to change in the world of VC's during these times? We asked Andrej Kiska about his point of view on the current situation, the shape of venture capital and what he'd recommend to startup founders.

Our startup story: Michal and Václav, Co-founders of CzechCrunch

They've interviewed the biggest players from the Czech startup scene, published over 4200 articles and created a startup love brand. Now the spotlight is on them. Find out the story behind CzechCrunch and why they decided to become the main partners of our startup community Before You Shine.

My Startup Story: Matěj Matolín, Talent Partner, Impulse Ventures

From corporates to startup and from startup to the world of venture capital. Find out Matej's journey to becoming one of the well-known Human Relations Guru in the heart of Europe. In this interview, we uncover how he got to the world of VCs, where he gets his inspiration and much more.

5 Minutes with VC investor: Petra Koncelikova, Nation 1 VC

Meet Petra, Partner & MD of Acceleration at Nation 1 VC. Petra has been in business for nearly 20 years and has gained experience in many roles. She has established several companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

From Silicon Valley: Mario Herger

We talked to one of Silicon Valley's great mentors who's been close to the startup scene for over 10 years. Find out more about Mario's story and his advice to Czech entrepreneurs.

My Startup Story: Jiří Třečák, Co-founder and CEO, Supernova

Learn about the inspiring story of Supernova from its creator and CEO, Jiri. Supernova it the first Czech startup to get to YCombinator, the world's most famous startup accelerator.

5 Minutes with VC Investor: Pavel Jiránek, Credo Ventures

Did you ever wonder what's it like on the other side of things when it comes to raising capital for a startup? Meet Pavel Jiránek from Credo Ventures. Credo Ventures focuses sourcing and working with the most talented and ambitious founders in the CEE region.

Our startup story: Linda and Tomas, Co-Founders of SNUGGS

SNUGGS is a Czech startup developing period-proof underwear. Read their startup story and find out how successful you can be at disrupting a market nobody wants to talk about!

My Startup Story: Alex Ilyash, CEO & Founder of DaVinci TS, #30under30

Alex is this years' one of the talented 2019 #30under30. We asked him about his career, what he loves about being a CEO and what would he recommend to other entrepreneurs out there.

My Startup Story: Dominik Hádl, Technical Director, Nodes

For our first interview with a fellow startuper we reached out to Dominik, Technical Director at Nodes, an amazing app agency setting the highest standard in Europe.

My Startup Story: Ondrej Kratky, Co-Founder and CEO, Liftago

For our first interview with a fellow startuper we reached out to Ondra, Co-Founder and CEO at Liftago, a Czech mobile app through which you can order a quick pickup with licensed taxi drivers.

Great places to work from in Prague

We went around and asked out community about the best places to work from in case you don't have an office or maybe you are looking to get out of one. For those who don't feel like spending a lot of money for an office we have great news, we found over 10 amazing places for you to try out!

Top 3 books by Daniel Vach, Co-founder, SENS Food

Welcome to our very first Book Club inspiration by our startup community. We asked Dan, one of the Co-founders of SENS Food to tell us a bit more about his inspiration.

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